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Korean restaurant

This Joke is only for Koreans or those who understand Korean:

One day Will Smith and his Korean friend went to a Korean restaurant.
The Korean guy ordered rice with kimchi chigae.
Will Smith didn’t know what to get, so he said to come back later.

The Korean guy went to the bathroom after he ordered.
Then the waiter came to Will Smith and asked him what he would like to order.

Will Smith said, “yea I want a bowl of rice.”
The waiter then asked, “what would you like with that?” and Will Smith said, “yea…I want chigae with it”

so when the friend got back he asked what Will Smith got with his bowl of rice and Will Smith said ” gettin chigae with it”

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Cute/pretty Korean girl

So there was this really really cute/pretty Korean girl.
Tragically, one day, she lost one of her ears in an accident.

As she was looking out at the ocean on a bright morning along the beach, a man caught sight of her and was awed by her stunning beauty.

He could not see that she had only one ear, as her long hair ran luxuriously down the sides of her head.

Boldly, he approached the young woman wanting to start some kind of conversation, anything, just to talk to her, so he said, “ah, kee uhb dah!

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Jokes for Korean-Americans

These jokes are for Korean-Americans. Anyone else might not get it.

What is Korean Dracula’s favorite morning beverage?
Koh-peee! (coffee)

What does the Korean bread say when it hit the wall? Bhang!

Why is Korean toilet paper so big?
Because it’s HUGE-ey!

What did the mommy Korean turkey say to her baby turkey?
Gobble ji mah!

What do you call the brown burnt rice at the bottom of the rice cooker? bob ee brown! (Bobby Brown)

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These are only funny for Koreans

These are only funny for Koreans or those kyoppos like me who get them.

What do you call a pre-occupied bean? kong beejee

what do you call a broken bicycle? mot-tah-cycle

where do lettuces worship? at a sang-choo-ary (sanctuary)

what do you call a big napkin? HU-ji (huge)

wanna hear a family joke? gah joke

what did one forehead say to the other? .. ya eemah!

what do you call a smelly bird? nem seh

what do you call the burnt rice at the bottom of a rice cooker? bobby brown

what is the vampire’s fav drink? koh-pee

why did the korean smoker go to the horseraces? mal-bo-ro

what did the small fish say when he got eaten by the big fish? Oh-dheng!!!

what did the byun tae say to the mushroom? oht buhsut!

what did the cat say to the sheep to make it go away? GO YANG EE!

what do you call a hairy robot? tul-min-a-tuh!

Why don’t lobsters share? They are Shell-fish

What did the bread say when it ran into the wall… ppang!

What did a cookie say to another cookie when it wanted to leave…gwajah

What do you call a 5 year old onion? Oh-nyun

What celebrity can you trust with your luggage?Jjim Carrey

How did the ice cream get into a car accident?Cha Gah Wah Suh

What did the fish say when it lost its bones?Oh my ga shee

What do u call a corny soup?Ssulung tang

what did song say to mong when he told her he was leaving the country? donk-go, mong

What did the truck say to the bread? Bbang Bbang!

What do you call a cute guy with no ears? Gwee-up-dah!

What did the mama turkey say to the baby turkey? Gobble – ji- mah!

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Korean Lady in America

There was an old lady waiting for the bus… she came to America speaking in broken english, at the same time with one of those korean accents (ssah too ree – the country like korean accents)

So she was about to go on the bus and said WAT DAE, WAT DAE (in korean it came, it came)
but the american man next to her thought she said WHAT DAY? so he responded MONDAY MONDAY…
But she heard it as mon dae mon dae (in korean meaning WHAT?)
so she said bus day bus day…
then the man goes ohh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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A Rabbi and a Korean

A rabbi is sitting on an airplane next to a Korean guy. After they have been flying together in silence for a while, the rabbi leans over and says, “You know, I’ve never forgiven you Chinese for what you did at Pearl Harbor.”

The Korean looks shocked and replies, “What the hell are you talking about?!?!? It was the Japanese the bombed Pearl Harbor, not the Chinese. And besides, I’m not Chinese or Japanese, I’m Korean!”

The rabbi says, ” Korean, Japanese, Chinese, what’s the difference?”

A little while later, the Korean man says, “You know, I’ve never forgiven you Jews for sinking the Titanic.” The rabbi looks confused and mad and says, “What are you talking about? The Jews didn’t have anything to do with that! An iceberg sank the Titanic!”

The Korean guy replies, “Iceberg, Goldberg, Greenberg, what’s the difference?”

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